Scale Your BusinessThrough AI and Automation

Combine AI and automation with the tools you already use to reduce costs, increase speed and do more with the same human resources. Fully custom and done-for-you.
Automate tasks, eradicate manual work, and achieve significant cost savings.

Our Services

Lead Generation Chatbot

Supercharge your sales funnel effortlessly.Our chatbots qualify leads 24/7, increasing conversion rates by up to 40%.

Marketing Automation

Optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.Automate your marketing tasks to increase engagement by 25%.

Workflow Automation

Streamline operations and eliminate bottlenecks.Save up to 20 hours per week with automated workflows.

No-Code Development

Build custom solutions without writing a single line of code.Reduce development time and costs by 50%.

Internal Tools

Equip your team with the right tools for success.Improve workflow efficiency by 30% with our custom internal tools.

Onboarding Chatbot

Automate the onboarding process and set new hires up for success.Cut onboarding time in half and increase employee engagement by 20%.

Hi, I'm Nour
And I'm the Founder of Scale By AI

With 10+ years in the tech and startups arena, We've crafted AI features and implemented numerous automation and no-code solutions. We are deeply passionate about AI and marketing automation.My journey has led me to leadership positions across startups of various sizes worldwide. I've doubled client revenue, driven startup success, and have in-depth knowledge in process optimization, marketing, product marketing, martech and copywriting.

Your Growth Roadmap

Step 1: Free Consultation

A free 30-minute chat to understand your needs.

Step 2: Create Quote

We'll send a proposal with a clear price.

Step 3: Start Job

If you're happy with our proposal, we'll start the work. We aim to finish most jobs in 7 business days.

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